Vegan Girl Scouts Cookies

Vegan Girl Scouts Cookies

Reflect on how times have changed while eating a peanut butter patty brought to you by the Girl Scouts. You will still need to use some caution when obtaining your Girl Scouts cookies because the Girl Scouts use 2 different bakeries to make their cookies. One of these bakeries, ABC Bakers, makes 4 varieties of vegan cookies while the other bakery, Little Brownie Bakers, now offers 1 vegan cookie option in their Thin Mints. Fortunately for us the Greater Cincinnati Area is served by ABC Bakers so the next time you have a chance at a box of Girl Scout Cookies look for the ABC logo and choose from one of these scrumptious flavors:

ABC Bakery Vegan Girl Scouts Cookies Flavors

Update for 2015:

The other Girl Scout cookie bakery, Little Brownie Bakers, now offers 1 vegan cookie flavor: Thin Mints!

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