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Hello! We’re Chris & Nicole, husband and wife, currently living in Northern Kentucky with our furry kids: Iris, Ferrah, Claire, Penny and Windy.

We’re frequently asked vegan-related questions by family, friends and co-workers including “what do we eat?” and “where can we eat?” Cincinnati is a surprisingly veg-friendly city. You only need to know where to look to live a happy, healthy and cruelty-free vegan lifestyle. As native Cincinnatians and vegans we have decades of experience living meat & dairy-free in the Greater Cincinnati area, so we wanted to put together a website with information that might help others discover the vegan treasures our Queen city has to offer. It is our hope that Cincinnati Vegan can make a difference, even in some small way, for you, the vegan-friendly businesses in our area and the animals who cannot help themselves.

If you know of any restaurants with vegan-friendly options that aren’t listed please take 30 seconds to share it with us and make Cincinnati Vegan even better.

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Please note
Menu items and ingredients are ever-changing in the food service industry and although we do our best to verify vegan-friendly restaurant recommendations made on this website we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

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