Cake Rack Bakery

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You can visit their bakery at 627 Main Street in Mainstrasse Village (Covington, KY) or inside Findlay Market (Vendor 6 ). Cake Rack is known for their “fantabulicious desserts.”

From their website:

“The Cake Rack Bakery was established in 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio and moved south-west to Dayton in 2005. The bakery is a small, family-owned business which has always focused on a small-batch, high-quality product. The owner, Jeannette, has had baking and decorating training throughout the US, Canada, and England learning styles including Australian, South African, American, and British.”

Vegan Menu Items:

Choose from vegan cakes, cupcakes and even vegan donuts. They also make gluten-free items. Get in touch with them at 513-549-8623 for more information.

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